The Beautiful and the Damned Never Surrender Straight Bourbon

“We shall never surrender,” is a Churchhill quote, but is also an unapologetically American theme. We can be scarred, just like the lion on this label. But we keep pushing forward, ready to take on the next challenge. It is who we are as a people, and we’d argue this resolves us just as American as bourbon. The witty Churchill also said, “I am a man of simple tastes – I am quite easily satisfied with the best of everything.” That’s precisely what we are doing with this expression, giving you one of the best bourbons on the market with a standard beyond bottled in bond.

Never surrender is for the bourbon whiskey purists, the ones that want a bourbon’s taste to come from a Master Distiller’s hard work coupled with charred oak and a great deal of time. A combination of 75% corn, 36% rye, 4% malted barley mash bills. Drink what you deserve.

The beautiful and the damned is an American whiskey house specializing in limited-production expressions. Even more rich in flavor than appearance. Our obsession is creating handcrafted, well-aged whiskeys that are must-tries for all enthusiasts.


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