Rare Whiskey Scotch Whisky Single Malt Scotch Whisky/Whiskey

Diageo 2021 Distillers Edition

Diageo 2021 Distillers Collection is a range of deeply flavored single malts matured in wine-conditioned casks, specially selected to complement the character of each iconic distillery. A Scottish cooperage hand-crafts finishing casks, combining heavily charred new wood cask-ends with re-charred American Oak casks. Fortified Spanish wine is carefully selected to complement the flavor of each mature single malt. The wine is rested for one month in finishing casks to imbue flavor. While the wine rests, the mature malt is selected. The whisky comes from a single year, or vintage, to maintain utmost consistency. After the wine is disgorged, the finishing casks are re-filled with the mature malt and rested for up to six months. A dedicated team closely tends to the resting malts to ensure the desired flavor profile is achieved. Each limited-edition bottle is marked with the date of distillation, bottling, and batch number.