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Dirty Devil Vodka

Dirty Devil Vodka’s unique taste is a result of mixing Pure Hyper-Oxygenated and Crystalline water. Meticulously distilled and filtered to perfection, Dirty Devil Vodka offers a devilishly vibrant and energizing experience. Our vodka opens lusciously into a soft velvety peak, smoothing out into a refreshing tranquil aftertaste.


The Pure Hyper-Oxygenated and Crystalline water used in the development of Dirty Devil Vodka is the result of years of research and development. Our patented Hyper-Oxygenated process has created a “super fluid” by introducing 53 ppm (parts per million) of dissolved oxygen into the distilling operation. With normal water being 10ppm, we have found a way to uniquely introduce 5 times the amount of oxygen into our vodka. By creating and maintaining a high level of stable oxygen in the water, we were able to enhance its vital properties and maximize the taste of the vodka.


The introduction of thousands of nanobubbles into the water, we’ve created a vodka that is crisp with a lively taste that can only be created using this unique patented technology.


  • First and only Hyper-Oxygenated spirit in the world
  • Patent protected
  • Made in Canada
  • 100% Canadian gluten free corn based
  • Award winning liquid designer
  • 5-times distilled and 3-times filtered
  • 84 proof (42% for that devilish kick)