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EarFun Air Pro Wireless Earbuds

EarFun has a penchant for innovation, improving ubiquitous features offered by other brands on the market, to enhance essential aspects of their product’s experience. The assumption holds true for the Air Pro. The new ANC TWS earbuds will feature EarFun’s innovative and proprietary QuietSmart™ technology, an advanced hybrid active noise canceling system that reduces outside sound by up to a significant 38db. That’s six to ten decibels higher than the majority of the earbuds in the segment at the moment. Where most earbuds are still using a regular and singular ANC approach, the Air Pro’s hybrid ANC QuietSmart™ is an implementation that combines a Feedforward mic and Feedback mic on each earbud that continuously adjusts what you’re hearing. QuietSmart™uses a sophisticated algorithm that monitors and analyzes sound both inside the ear cavity and outside in your environment, allowing it to fill in missing sound frequencies. And by analyzing, we mean acoustic characteristics between the driver unit and ears are being monitored at a rate of 400 times per second. The intended result is an informed suppression of ambient noise without compromising on the resulting audio experience.