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Glenmorangie 18 Year Old Azuma Makoto

Transcending floral traditions, Azuma has pioneered the genre of ‘botanical sculpture’. He has plunged bouquets deep into the sea, suspended a palm tree in the middle of the desert, frozen floral compositions – and even launched a bonsai tree in space! In November, 2021 he brings his playful perspective to our first 18 Years Old limited edition with eye-catching packaging .

A master of the universal language of flowers, Azuma Makoto found tremendous joy in our radiant whisky’s dancing floral notes. Marveling at the secrets he found in its bouquet, the floral artist likened our single matl to the wonder of a flower in bloom. 

For this unique collaboration, Azuma Makoto was inspired to reimagine our rare single malt’s rich, floral balance through the language of flowers. Translating the whisky’s delicious bourbon cask softness and sweet, oloroso sherry cask hints, he drew on the beauty of almost 1100 different blooms from across the world.