Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #9

Kentucky Owl is set to release it’s bourbon batch #9 this October. Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #9 is master blender Dixon Dedman’s highest-proof batch to-date at 127.6-proof and 63.8% alcohol-by-volume. According to Dedman, “This is the most robust Kentucky Owl batch I’ve ever created. It may be the most flavorful liquid ever bottled for the brand. To me, it’s a bourbon monster in the best way possible. I hope it’s something both serious and casual whiskey drinkers appreciate.” It is has notes of apple, white grape, cinnamon roll, maple candy, vanilla and rick oak. The taste is of honey, honeysuckle, tea, citrus, caramel and has a pepper spice finish. Batch #9 has a great complex sweetness of fruit and creamy notes across the front palate, then crawls back to some more significant oak notes in the middle, before the spice of the finish spreads across the back of the palate.

SRP Price:$299.99 unknown

Where To Buy: TBD