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Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series 2020 Stave Profile SE4 X PR5

Introducing the 2020 edition of the Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series.

For the 2020 release, Maker’s Mark SE4 X PR5, we set out to create an expression to showcase the vanilla and caramel from our long-standing approach to seasoning our wood outside for a full year. While more time consuming, the additional seasoning develops more degradation of the wood that helps unlock the vanilla and caramel notes naturally occurring in our classic bourbon.

To Celebrate these notes, we partnered with Independent Stave Co. to develop stave profiles SE4 and PR5 which were married together to create this expression.

The result is a completely unique bourbon that offers notes of amplified vanilla, warm baking spice and creamy caramel.

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2020 SE4 X PR5 is a marriage of virgin toasted American & French oak staves that has been barrel finished & bottled at 112.5 proof for amplified notes of vanilla, baking spices & creamy caramel.