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Today, Templeton announces the already award-winning Templeton Midnight Rye, its latest creation that continues to push the boundaries of American whiskey innovation. Utilizing an inventory of sourced American Rye Whiskey that has been aged at Templeton Distillery in Templeton, Iowa, this whiskey is expertly blended with a subtle touch of premium dark Port wine to create an unparalleled profile. Celebrated for its unmatched craftsmanship and intricate blending expertise, Templeton proves its excellence once again with an exciting and innovative release bursting with flavor and complexity. 
Templeton Midnight Rye is an invitation to savor the extraordinary. The American Rye Whiskey is composed of a blend of sourced straight rye whiskeys with a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley matured in virgin American Oak barrels. The marriage of the rich port wine with the classic rye backbone results in a luxurious texture that encourages contemplation with every sip. Although many whiskeys are finished in wine barrels to give a flavor essence of that wine profile, this is a blended whiskey where the finest port wine is expertly blended directly with the aged American Rye Whiskey. This addition to the Templeton portfolio focuses on creating a specific and unique flavor profile that showcases the art of blending with a marriage of two unique flavors. Templeton Midnight Rye received a Gold Medal at the 2024 San Diego International Spirits Competition.  
Midnight Rye’s deep mahogany hue hints at its depth and complexity, and the interplay of rich, velvety port wine with the warm allure of American Oak complement each other for a delightful nose of dark cherries, figs, and a subtle hint of spiced orange peel. A perfect balance of cinnamon, clove, and a touch of dark chocolate, all harmonizing in a silky, full-bodied texture, coats the palate. The robust spice characteristic of a classic American Rye Whiskey seamlessly intertwines with the luscious sweetness of dark port wine. A lingering finish of warmth and satisfaction leaves behind echoes of dried fruits, oak, and a whisper of black pepper.
“At Templeton, our relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and fostering innovation is what propels us forward,” said Shane Fitzharris, SVP Commercial at Infinium Spirits. “The debut of Templeton Midnight Rye defines this exhilarating era of creativity. Even as we look towards a future where all our liquid originates directly from Templeton Distillery, we remain dedicated to providing endless possibilities and experimenting with new tastes and flavors. This commitment elevates the whiskey-drinking experience to new heights and embodies our passion for excellence.”
Encased in a charming purple label inspired by the midnight sky and adorned with intricate star detailing, Templeton Midnight Rye is a deliciously dreamy libation that will look good on any shelf. It’s perfectly suited for evening indulgence, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder, yet its irresistible appeal ensures it can be savored neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail, at any hour. With limitless possibilities for exceptional cocktails, we recommend starting your Midnight Rye cocktail journey with the “Midnight Manhattan,” offering a unique twist on this classic cocktail.