Octomore 10 Series Announced

The official product information & bottle shots have been released for the Octomore 10 series. In this tenth series of Octomore , Head Distiller Adam Hannett explores the realms of ‘softer smoke’. Since first introducing the world’s most Heavily Peated Single Malt at 131 ppm, the series has morphed into something legendary, pushing beyond the boundaries of conventional malt whisky wisdom, and the known possibilities of the malting process.

Malting is an inexact science, “we get what we get”. In this tenth series, the numbers must be dispelled. Only instinct matters. The conventions of the series’ five-year age statement has been broken. The expectation of 100+ ppm has been challenged, and the obsession over phenolics gives way to romanticism and human intervention. A new age for Octomore.