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Old Forester 117 Series Warehouse K

Old Forester is proud to present the second release of its highly acclaimed KY only offering, 117 Series: Warehouse K. This limited expression features a blend of barrels aged on different floors from a warehouse known to produce exceptional liquid. Constructed in 1953, Warehouse K uses the time-honored tradition of heat-cycling and has long been one of Old Forester’s favorite places for Single Barrel expressions. This blend represents liquid from multiple floors and locations within Warehouse K, giving a more holistic example of the profile its barrels yield.

Warehouse K was directed by the unique palate of Old Forester Master Taster Jackie Zykan. It is presented in a 375ml glass bottle, at 110 proof.

Creamy chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar lead, with a hint of golden raisin and foreshadowing on the pepper the finish will unveil

Full bodied and rich viscosity, peripheral spice, and a touch of black cherry alongside bitter molasses

Robust yet balanced spice finish completes the story of the well-known complexity which is the K warehouse