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Overholt™, The Pioneer American Whiskey, Unveils A. Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey, Bridging Past and Present

Today, Overholt™, the longest-standing American whiskey brand since 1810, announces its latest release, A. Overholt, marking a new chapter in Pennsylvania Rye whiskey infused with heritage and legacy. Bringing back one of the earliest American whiskey styles, Overholt™ reaffirms its position as an iconic rye whiskey brand, redefining the future of rye. A. Overholt employs the same mashbill used by founder Abraham Overholt in 1810 – 80% rye grain and 20% soft malted barley – resulting in a warmly spiced profile reminiscent of 19th-century rye whiskey.

Throughout its history, Overholt™ has persevered, surviving even Prohibition with the same determination as Abraham Overholt. Today, Freddie Noe, 8th Generation Master Distiller at The James B. Beam Distilling Co., continues this legacy by championing A. Overholt – Pennsylvania born, Kentucky made.

Freddie Noe remarks, “With over 200 years of exceptional craftsmanship, Overholt™ is ingrained in American history. The launch of A. Overholt represents finely crafted whiskey, inspired by generations of expertise, and I’m honored to carry this legacy forward while honoring its past and our commitment to innovation in American whiskey.”

Overholt™ is known as A Keystone of American Rye Whiskey, reflecting the shared qualities between Abraham Overholt and Pennsylvania: hard work, resilience, and an industrious spirit. Despite changes in ownership and production, including ownership by Abraham’s grandson Henry Clay Frick, the Pennsylvania-born whiskey of the Industrial Revolution is now produced in Clermont, Kentucky, continuing America’s rich tradition of whiskey production.

A. Overholt joins the beloved portfolio of Old Overholt 4YO, Old Overholt 4YO Bottled in Bond, and Old Overholt Extra Aged Cask Strength. Enjoy A. Overholt neat, on the rocks, or in classic cocktails like the Perfect Manhattan or Scofflaw to savor its boldness and versatility. A. Overholt will be available nationwide in stores starting April 2024. Follow @BeamDistilling on Instagram for real-time updates.

A. OVERHOLT STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY | 47.5% ABV | SRP: $39.99 · COLOR – Clover Honey · AROMA – Caramel, sandalwood, caraway · TASTE – Brown butter, honeysuckle, clove, seasoned oak · FINISH – Lingering warm baking spice notes

About Overholt™: Overholt™ is one of the longest-standing US whiskey brands, established in 1810 by Abraham Overholt in West Overton, Pennsylvania. Its resilience and unbroken chain of ownership make it a Keystone of American Whiskey. Today, it continues its legacy of over two centuries in Clermont, Kentucky, at the James B. Beam Distilling Co.

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