15 Stars Vino de Naranja Single Barrel Bourbon

Inspired by Kentucky History. As we craft our fine aged bourbons, we are inspired by the great artisans of early Kentucky, as well as the role Kentucky played in early America. We are proud to share the 15 STARS Collection of rare American treasures representing early Kentucky and the history of bourbon – “America’s Native Spirit!”

Kentucky was recognized as the 15th state on the second u.s. flag carrying 15 stars and 15 stripes. During this celebrated period of Kentucky’s early statehood, highly skilled craftspeople produced fine artisan goods from high quality materials. Bourbon, foremost of these, has been crafted in Kentucky for over 225 years. We approach our work as early distillers did, honoring the spirit of their craftsmanship while being innovative in our quest to produce today’s finest aged whiskeys.

From our hands to yours, honoring the craftsmen of early Kentucky, we pour ourselves into the creation of fine aged whiskey, Made to stand the test of time.


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