A. Overholt Straight Rye Monongahela Mash

This rye whiskey is born from traditional Monongahela Mashbill: made of 80% rye grain and 20% soft malted barley for balance. We’re reviving our rye’s original Monongahela roots in honor of our founder: the proudly Pennsylvanian A. Overholt.

Non-chill filtered for a richer, fuller flavor. In cold temperatures, you might see particles or cloudiness in the liquid. We call this floc & haze and it’s a natural feature of a non-chill whiskey.


Color: Clover Honey

Aroma: Caramel, subtle layers of sandalwood and caraway

Taste:  Brown butter, honeysuckle, clove, seasoned oak

Finish: Pleasant, Lingering notes of warm rich baking spice


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