Bardstown Bourbon Co. Small Batch Stave Finish Blended Bourbon

Bardstown Bourbon Company Small Batch Stave Finish Bourbon is a meticulously crafted blend of distinct straight bourbon whiskies, culminating in a rich and nuanced flavor profile. The composition includes a robust 8-year-old Georgia corn whiskey, contributing 48% of the blend, complemented by a generous 26% of 5-year-old Bardstown Bourbon Co. Bourbon, which adds layers of complexity. Additionally, the blend incorporates a 20% portion of 4-year-old Kentucky Bourbon for a well-rounded character, and a subtle 6% of 12-year-old Kentucky Bourbon for added depth. What sets this bourbon apart is the unique finishing process with oak staves, enhancing the final product with a delightful and harmonious interplay of flavors. The result is a Small Batch Stave Finish Bourbon that stands as a testament to expert craftsmanship and a thoughtful blend of exceptional whiskies.


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