Barrel Tramp Cask Strength American Single Malt Barrel 18506

As an indépendant bottler, Barrel Tramp aims to discover and enhance the explosive and unique flavors of casks hiding away in rickhouses around the world. Thoughfully pairing and finishing aged spirits in used, flavor forward barrels; from rum to sherry, brandy to bourbon, we create singular experiences from each barrel we re-cask and bottle. Developing complementary flavors yet evoking dynamic juxtaposition and conversation; our mission is to explore these unique barrels with our customers, creating a team of fellow barrel tramps that enjoy the journey of exploration.

Age: 5 years in ex-bourbon barrel | previously held peated malt and golden promise malt | finished in used peach brandy cask

Notes: Barrel 18506 was chosen for its uniquely balanced and explosive flavor profile. Rounded with age, light notes of barley, peat, apples, and dripping juicy peaches. We hope you enjoy!


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