Big Peat Mizunara Cask Edition 10 Year Old

In commemoration of Douglas Laing’s 75th Anniversary, Big Peat is delighted to unveil a masterpiece. This limited edition presents a collaboration of whisky artistry as Islay single malts are met with the honey’s sweetness from rare Mizunara oak. Uncork the bottle and enjoy a sweet, mellow style developing to charred oak and a hint of peat smoke. The palate is oily and mouth-coating – an oceanic style mingles with gentle spices, damp earth, and desiccated coconut. The finish reveals rich oak alongside creamy caramel, allspice, and fragrant bonfire embers. Enjoy this inimitably elegant dream in all its natural glory: at high alcohol strength of 48% and proudly without coloring or chill-filtration.


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