Blood Oath Pact No. 10 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Two well-bred ryed bourbons and one finished bourbon each complementing the others in this, our 10th edition pact. In honor of this double-digit milestone, we’ve achieved a double finish. The first finish was perfected in Cabernet Franc barrels, with the second refined in Merlot casks.


Corn, Rye, and barley


Deep dark amber with long legs


Sweet fruit with hints of oak


Rich caramel with flavors of tart raspberries and black pepper


Distinct notes of red stone fruits with undertones of vanilla and cocoa

Barrel Details

We’ve achieved a double cask finish for Pact 10. The first in Cabernet Franc barrels, and the second in Merlot casks.

49.3% ALC/VOL / 98.6 PROOF


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