Blue Run Sleighing It Bourbon 2023

Proof: 119.20

Tasting Notes: 

  • Nose: Cedar lined sauna with hot rocks, ripe summer plum, dried apricot, cinnamon and sugar-laced green apple slices, brown butter
  • Palate: Black peppercorns, state fair funnel cake
  • Finish: Cayenne pepper, rose petals, saddlebag leather

About the product: This one moves FAST with a multitude of flavors cascading their way through the end. The crisp scent of a cedar lined sauna mingle with cinnamon and sugar-laced green apple slices and a waft of brown butter. As the nose fades, the taste blossoms with memories of decadent state fair funnel cake and black peppercorns. The finish bombards you with an uncommon trio of rose petals, saddlebag leather and cayenne pepper, begging to never be forgotten.


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