Bowmore Masters’ Selection 22 Year Old X Aston Martin

The BOWMORE MASTER’S SELECTION 22 YEAR OLD celebrates the inherent synchronicity and UNITY between Masters, forging a strong bond which bridges their distinctive worlds, united by PASSION and CREATIVITY.


On The Eye: Deep copper

Breathe In: Sweet and fruity notes of heather honey, vanilla, cherries, and lychees with a floral character and a hint of eucalyptus. Oak spices, licorice and fresh tobacco leaves with a touch of aniseed and mint.

Taste: Malty spice notes of vanilla fudge, golden syrup, and butterscotch, with thyme and white pepper, woody notes of dry oak, hazelnut, demerara sugar, and maple syrup and dates.

Savor: Sweet and woody with notes of licorice sticks deliver a spicy mouth feel and a touch of peat smoke.


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