Compass Box The Extinct Blends Quartet Metropolis Scotch

The Extinct Blends Quartet

Fashions change, and formulae follow suit. Blended whiskers of the 1970s, ’80s, and ‘90s are very different to today’s versions, even when the brand name remains the same. The Extinct Blends Quartet, as it unfolds, will reimagine four of our favorite blended Scotches from yesteryear, using some of our rarest and most idiosyncratic stocks of whisky.


For the third release in the series, we step into the Throng of a striving city. Industriousness jostles up against elaborate architecture; people and provisions from diverse places mingle; commerce meets culture.

Blended Whisky began in the metropolis, with blending Scotch with a long history and a strong link to a Sir Walter Scott novel in which a number of urban centres are referenced. Therefore, we have chosen a city as the setting for our reimagining of this oak-forward and revered whisky.

If Metropolis were an actual city, its chief thoroughfares and grand buildings would equate to the shortbread and honey notes contribute by malt whiskies from the Arberlour and Miltonduff distilleries. A parcel of blended Scotch Whisky further matured in Sherry butts brings a fatness and dried fruit richness, acting as a bridge over a river of creamy and zesty grain whisky from the Bowmore Distillery. Charming, refined, and alive with energy, Metropolis reflects the excitement and richness of life in the city.


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