Crusoe Silver Rum


HOW COULD WE MAKE A SILVER RUM BETTER FOR COCKTAILS? By expanding rum’s flavor profile with slower, simpler and more precise techniques. Lush with notes of tropical fruit and a creamy texture. CRUSOE Silver Rum combines Caribbean style molasses distilling with Californian wine fermenting and finishing techniques for a supple, charismatic rum with more flavor. Add extra depth to your favorite tropical drinks like daiquiris, mojitos and tikis—with no extra effort. DESCRIPTION: A new kind of rum that combines the best of traditional rum and modern wine making TASTING NOTES: Dense sugar aroma with a caramel, grassy finish INGREDIENTS: Blackstrap molasses LAVENDER DAIQUIRI 2 oz CRUSOE Silver Rum 1 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz simple syrup 3 dash BAR KEEP Lavender Bitters Garnish with lime wedge REVIEW “Mix up piña coladas and other tropical drinks with this light-bodied white rum. The palate boasts a mild coconut character and cinnamony finish.” Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast

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