Hartfield & Co. Pre-Prohibition Style Kentucky Bourbon

This bottle of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is distilled using a unique pre-prohibition method. With 62% Corn, 19% Rye, and 19% Malted Barley and single-distilled on a batch still, this bourbon is born with a rich, grain-forward complexity. Aging in 6.4-gallon barrels for 8-12 months imparts a fully matured flavor profile. Sweet honeysuckle and cherry.

When Kentucky enacted prohibition in 1920, there were 26 distilleries in Bourbon County – the birthplace of Bourbon Whiskey. Hartfield & Co was the first to re-open post-prohibition, This bottle contains some of the first legally produced Bourbon from Bourbon County in over 94 years. Here’s to the past, here’s to the future, here’s to the revival of Bourbon from Bourbon County.


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