Honeymoon Kentucky Straight Rye Finished in Honey Barrels

Honeymoon Honey Barrel Finished Straight Rye Whiskey is inspired by the soulful June moon and those long hot nights leading up to the summer solstice. This whiskey is imbued with a sweet flavor like a honeymoon melon, plus the baking spices of cinnamon. We start with the finest honey we can find and place it in a freshly emptied rye barrel. We leave the honey there for a minimum of 60 days. Then we remove the honey from the barrel and replace it with 53 gallons of the finest straight rye whiskey. The rye stays in the barrels for a minimum of another 90 days so it can absorb the honey as well as take on a bit more charred oak barrel flavor. What you hold in your hands is what we get back out: The finest honey barrel finished straight rye made in Shelby County, Kentucky. Here at the Wish Key Whiskey Company, we hope all your days are as sweet as the honey that we use to make this bourbon whiskey, and may your cup never be empty!


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