Jameson 18 Years 92 Proof

You’ve landed on something special here. Jameson 18 Years was made to make any occasion memorable. This is an 18 year old whiskey, the kind of thing you only pull out for best mates. And if you want to impress them just throw this line into conversation: “It’s a unique blend of three signature distillates matured in the finest oak for almost two decades and is given a final marrying period of at least 6 months in a fresh American oak barrel, adding a unique complexity and elegance’. Ok, that is a mouthful. Just let the bottle do the talking.

In a move whiskey aficionados will greatly appreciate, the brand is giving the upscale whiskey’s proof a 12-point bump. The ABV of Jameson 18 Years has been increased from 40% to 46%, removing the need for chill-filtration and resulting in a whiskey with a richer mouthfeel and more depth of flavor. This change is aimed at keeping the whiskey interesting to both connoisseurs and novices alike, with an alcohol content high enough to appease more versed whiskey fans while still not being too overwhelming to consumers new to the spirit. By keeping the alcohol content high but not too high, the whiskey will be more palatable to those new to the drink while still providing a smooth, flavorful experience for those who are well-versed in the taste of whiskey.


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