Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami Limited Edition

Master Blender Emma Walker and world-renowned Chef Kei Kobayashi have combined their extensive expertise to craft an exceptional Blended Scotch Whisky that delves into the realm of mystery. Their joint endeavor aimed to decode the enigmatic flavor of umami, leading them on an odyssey of flavor exploration.

The outcome is a meticulously balanced Scotch whisky that tantalizes the palate with a harmonious blend of sweet and savory notes. Expect to discover the delightful flavors of blood oranges and red berries, complemented by sweet wood spice, a subtle hint of smoked meat, and a touch of salt and pepper. The whisky’s grand finale is a lingering, sweet fruit finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Hand-picked casks from both inland and coastal distilleries were selected at the peak of their maturation to showcase their unique umami profile. Only one in 25,000 casks possesses the ability to bring this elusive character to life. Upon tasting, your senses will be greeted by the crispness of apple and the softness of white peach, followed by a journey of sweetness, smoothness, and length featuring mandarins, blood oranges, and red berries. The enduring finish delights with sweet wood spice, a hint of smoked meat, and a warming interplay of salt and pepper. This Blended Scotch Whisky is a testament to the artistry of Emma Walker and Chef Kei Kobayashi, capturing the essence of umami in a most exquisite form.


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