THE DROP is a spontaneous experience of LOUIS XIII Cognac: a 1cl bottle for visionary minds of a new generation who shape the future by seizing every moment and truly living it.

With THE DROP in Clay, MAKE IT SMOOTH. Free yourself by thinking without boundaries. Follow your instinct and choose the path that inspires you most.

True luxury is immaterial. True luxury is an experience and true ones are personnal. Choices we made, decisions we took & people with who we shared made them meaninfull. THE DROP is breaking codes, allowing spontaneity and boldness. On mountains top, or in city’s hearts, make it yours

Since 1874, the finest eaux-de-vie, aged in century-old oak casks, and carefully blended retains the signature taste of LOUIS XIII cognac from Grande Champagne – the premier cru of the Cognac region. Generations of Cellars Masters have patiently crafted the LOUIS XIII cognac throught time, harnessing the power of LOUIS XIII in its purest form in just a drop.


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