Lux Row Four Grain Double Single Barrel Straight Bourbon

Nearly a decade ago, it started with an idea. A vision to become a leading producer of FINE BOURBONS. In 2018, that DREAM became a reality when LUX ROW DISTILLERS opened its door. Since then, Lux Roe has mastered the art of CRAFTING fine bourbons and has made its mark as a prominent stop on the Kentucky Bourbon TRAIL. This bottle of 4-grain bourbon commemorated our achievements by combining our WHEATED and RYED bourbon mash bills in perfect HARMONY. Cheers!

A perfect and flavorful mix of Lux Row’s finest mash bills. Wheat, rye, corn, and malted barley combined together in perfect harmony.

A traditional rye bourbon distilled from the finest ingredients. An unmistakable spicy flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla, and a smooth mellow finish.

A defiantly smooth wheated bourbon made from an award-winning recipe dating back to 1849. Notes of caramel and citrus abound, with a velvety oak finish.


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