Mirador Eclipse American Single Malt Whisky

Embark on a celestial journey with Mirador Eclipse, a whisky born from the awe-inspiring symbolism of the solar eclipse and crafted by Balcones Distilling in the heart of Waco, Texas. Inspired by the profound nature of eclipses, head distiller Jared Himstedt and his team have meticulously captured the essence of this cosmic event in a bottle, inviting whisky enthusiasts to embrace the beauty of unpredictability and new beginnings. Mirador Eclipse pushes the boundaries of flavor experimentation, introducing two strains of yeast alongside the house malt whisky yeast to unlock a symphony of soft, blush red berry, and fruits-of-the-forest notes rarely seen in single malts. Matured in a selection of first, second, and third-fill used Kentucky bourbon casks for four to five years, this whisky achieves a delicate balance of fruit, grain, and palate density, culminating in a unique experience unlike any other. With an ABV of 55% and presented in a 750mL bottle, Mirador Eclipse embodies the spirit of Texas in every sip, inviting you to savor the moment and appreciate the cosmic spectacle from your own vantage point.


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