Patrón Ahumado Silver Tequila

Introducing Patrón Ahumado Silver Tequila, a high-quality tequila that delivers an exceptional taste experience. Made with 100% Weber Blue Agave and crafted using traditional methods at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico, this tequila is a testament to the mastery of the distillation process.

To achieve the signature smoky flavor of Patrón Ahumado Silver Tequila, agave piñas are roasted in small batches with mesquite charcoal for seven days in underground stone pits. This time-honored technique infuses the tequila with a smoky taste that is both authentic and alluring.

The piñas are then crushed using a 100% tahona wheel distillation process, in keeping with tradition. This method results in a tequila that is smooth and complex, with an 80 proof alcohol content.

Patrón Ahumado Silver Tequila has a lingering smoky taste that is balanced by natural sweetness and notes of spices, black pepper, and cooked agave. The result is a tequila that is well-balanced and versatile, perfect for sipping on its own or using in your favorite cocktail recipe.


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