Perpetuity Whisky

Batch 1 really starts with this Deanston cask. As a distillery, Deanston has this wonderful cereal forward, nutty robust highland style. This cask was a solid foundation on which to construct the other elements of the blend because it really had that undeniable Scotch Whisky character.

The next part of the process was to establish a solid grain base to complement the flavour profiles of the malt. Firstly, a North British ex-bourbon American standard barrel which exudes lemons. Working in partnership was another cask from North British, this time the whisky was almost bourbon compared to Scotch. The wood influence has allowed depth that you expect from old grain with thick caramel and espresso notes.

The final stage was to add a bit of seasoning and rich first-fill sherry hogshead was the perfect top note, and like the Deanston, every drop was used. Lots of spiced apple crumble that balanced so well with the backbone of sherry giving those rich dark fruits, raisins and leather. The whisky was mouth-coating and so balanced for the age that it worked in tandem with the North British casks to bind these flavours together. 45.7% ABV

Tasting Notes

Nose – Caramelised apple tart, custard danish pastries, sandalwood.
Palate – Crème brûlée, lemon sherbets, toffee, marmalade.
Finish – Lemon drizzle cake, clotted cream.


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