Redwood Empire Screaming Titan Wheated Bourbon

Wheated Bourbon Whiskey

Screaming Titan features a four-grain mash bill made up of at least 30% wheat. This small lot release is composed of hand-selected barrels aged at least 5 years. This Wheated Bourbon is a testament to our passion, patience, and pioneering spirit.

The Land of Ancient Giants

The Redwood Empire stretches from San Fransisco to Humboldt Bay and on to the Oregon border. The region is home to majestic coastal redwood, some more than 350 feet high and 2,000 years old. Aging our barrels in the temperate climate of the Northern California coast allows for a slow and even extraction flavor, producing a whiskey of exceptional balance and complexity.

The Screaming Titan

A quick hike from the Lost Monarch within the Grove of Titans you will find this multi-stem coastal redwood rising over 323 feet from the ancient forest floor. Forestry professor Stephen C. Sillet named it after the story of naturalist Michael W. Taylor, who screamed when he first spotted the grove in the late 1990s.


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