Rémy Martin XO Night

Music. Moving lights. Good times. Feel the pulsing beat of the latest addition to the Rémy Martin family, Rémy Martin XO Night. Dressed for the club, Rémy Martin XO Night brings a new opulent attitude to night life. The iconic Rémy Martin XO cognac is captured in a new mirrored decanter, all set to hit the dancefloor and step into the light.


Eye: The ultimate fiery mahogany with opal tones.

Nose: Sublimely smooth with an explosion of flower and fruit aromas to ignite the olfactory senses.

Taste: An opulent progression through the palate: from ripe plum and candied orange, to spices and hazelnuts, finishing with gourmet notes of roasted cocoa beans and honeyed gingerbread.

Body: Smooth, full-bodied and long lasting.
Sizes: 750 ml –  40% Vol.

Growing Region: Petit & Grande Champagne


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