Subtle Spirits Mystic Oak 7 Year Old Straight Rye

We believe that art has the power to convey an idea or emotion that exists beyond the realms of language. Pairing the right wine with a particular food or your favorite song to suit the mood can be transcendental. Taste, like art, is subjective and based on individual experiences and flavor memories.

There is nothing subtle about our spirit, and from the beginning, we knew we had to do it differently. Our spirits aren’t intended to be categorized, they are meant to be experienced. With each release, we capture a place in time, dynamic like the artist whose work is featured on the bottle. Each one is personal to us because they represent real moments or ideas in our life, our story unfolding in real-time.

Much like the alchemists that predated modern chemistry, independent bottlers preceded the rise of large distilling operations. Using their relationships with both distilleries and consumers, they bottled sourced whiskey under their own label. We continue this tradition today with our crafted blends and single cask selections, all produced in infinitesimally small quantities that extend beyond the canvas, glass, and mind.

Bottle art by Melissa Parra Morrow.


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