Suntory World Whisky Ao

Ireland. Scotland. America. Canada. Japan. The world’s most prestigious whisky regions, each with its unique history and climate, reveal their personality traits through our remarkable Ao world blended whisky. A blend that after nearly a century of challenges and triumphs, you can taste today.

Unlike our other blends that find harmony by unifying individual whisky personalities, Suntory World Whisky Ao achieves harmony at its base while layering and highlighting a multitude of characteristics. The result offers aromas and flavors that change and evolve, depending on when and how you drink it. However you choose to enjoy Ao Whisky, we invite you to experience it today.

Five Personalities. One Glass

Neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail. Settle into the smoky taste of Suntory World Whisky Ao and traverse its fruity notes and smooth, sweet mouthfeel. Suntory blenders wove this complex flavor profile from diverse climates and cultures to deliver multiple experiences to different settings and different people. Discover new flavors and explore the world with each drop.


Color: amber

Nose: profound vanilla, pineapple-like fruitiness on top, a creamy sweetness and depth with a lingering woody aroma

Palate: smooth and sweet mouthfeel, gradually followed with smokiness and cinnamon-like spiciness

Finish: sweet and smoky, spicy and woody, a many-layered complexity


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