Tequila Corazón Expresiones Sazerac Rye Añejo Tequila 2023 Release

Tequila’s history and lineage are forged with a devotion to tradition, but also woven with a tinge of lunacy and refusal to conform. In every drop of good tequila, there is a hint of defiance, the slight taste of a gamble won. A truly remarkable collection of tequilas, Expresiones embodies the extraordinary payoff you can only achieve by taking a risk. Aged in the best bourbon barrels from Buffalo Trace’s exclusive Antique Collection, these tequilas hold unique characteristics—kisses of rough rye and sweet bourbon—that make it a tequila unlike any other.

The aging of Expresiones is what makes these tequilas truly remarkable. Buffalo Trace Distillery barrels infuse the blanco with unique character, enticing the palate with the charm of its age and char. They are stored in the first row at Casa San Matias’ aging facility to ensure the ideal level of air flow to aid in the aging process. The barrels are then evaluated every 2 months and monitored until the desired characteristics are achieved.

24 months of aging in barrels that formerly held Sazerac Rye for 18 years has produced a moderately sweet tequila with strong hints of fresh fruit met with notes of oak, caramel, almond and cinnamon.


Color: Transparent, gold flashes

Aroma: Strong hints of fresh fruit are met with notes of oak, caramel, almond, chocolate, cinnamon & vanilla

Flavor: Dense texture, incredibly soft, beautiful harmony and balance

Aging: 24 months in Sazerac Rye barrels

ALCOHOL: 45% Alc/Vol (90 Proof)


2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
• Double Gold Medal

2019 World Tequila Awards
• Gold Medal

2019 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition
• Gold Medal


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