The Glenlivet Fusion Cask Rum & Bourbon

Fusion Cask redefines the rules of single malt to create an elevated, one-of-a-kind taste experience. Our experts finish a selected portion of the whisky in bespoke casks, made from hand-selected first-fill rum and bourbon barrels that have been expertly dismantled and reassembled into one.

First-Fill Rum Cask

Smooth and tropical: red meets a twist of ripe banana. Our fruity house style is further elevated by the tropical flavors imparted by rum barrels.

First-Fill Bourbon Cask

Rich and complex: a marriage of caramel, vanilla, and toffee notes. The original Speyside style elevated with layers of sweet flavor from bourbon barrels.

In a first-to-category process, our experts selectively finish a portion of this whisky in bespoke casks.

The casks are crafted from a combination of first-fill rum and bourbon barrels to deliver a distinctive single malt taste experience.

Fusion Cask™ provides a luxurious new depth of flavor that blends two centuries of precision barreling with a revolutionary technique, bringing you something truly remarkable.

Tasting Notes:

The brightest season in a single sip with a burst of fresh fruit flavor that will ignite the senses.

A luxurious sweetness with a smooth toffee finish that is lush and enticing on the palate.

A delicate finish that completes the perfect symphony of the Fusion Cask drinking experience: bright notes, sweetness and depth.


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