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Todd Snyder X Legent Bourbon Denim Jacket

Legent™ bourbon combines Kentucky distilling with Japanese blending, so we captured that hybrid spirit in our new Bourbon Selvedge Denim Jacket. Just as Legent has pushed the boundaries of bourbon, this one-of-a-kind jacket redefines denim, a classic American staple, using the finest expertly tailored whiskey-hued Japanese woven fabric. Based on the body of our popular Dylan jacket, produced on old shuttle looms in Okayama and cut and sewn in the USA, the birthplace of blue jeans, the Bourbon Selvedge Denim Jacket is as unique as the bourbon that inspired it. “The architecture, the people of Japan and their take on Americana have all been huge inspirations for me, and that set the stage for this collaboration with Legent,” says Todd.