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Whiskey Espresso Chrono 44mm by Original Grain

The Whiskey Espresso Chrono 44mm is made from reclaimed whiskey barrel wood and features espresso plated stainless steel. This watch comes equipped with a stopwatch timing system and a three-day date function.

You probably already know Original Grain loves their whiskey and appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into the mashing, distilling, and aging process. An important part of the taste and character of each whiskey is the barrel that it ages in. Each barrel brings its own story to the table, and now you can get the opportunity to own and wear a piece of art created by master craftsmen utilizing the whiskey barrels natural wood with modern technology to create a beautiful high-end watch.  What better way to celebrate your passion for this fine spirit with your love of watches? You’ll find yourself sharing the story of your watch over and over with friends.