Compass Box The Circle No. 2 Revealed

Compass Box The Circle #2 has been revealed!

“This puzzle was set for us by The Circle 2019 winner Mannie Monaghan as we began to create a whisky together. Mannie experiences flavor and color simultaneously, a rare quirk known as synaesthesia. He wanted to make a whiskey that expressed the positivity and vibrancy of the color coral. Scouring our library of samples for whiskies with the intensity and beauty of coral led us to novel combination, including the use of two parcels of whisky from past Compass Box Releases.

Warm familiar and powerful, we believe The Circle 2019 limited edition shares the charming nature of coral. Working with Mannie has shown us how the senses can be blended together. Whiskymaking doesn’t have to start with only aroma and flavor.”