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The GMC HUMMER EV isn’t even out yet and Kelly Wearstler has created the ideal place to park it. The designer imagines a livable garage in the desert of Southern California and uses the area’s striking landscape and iconic architecture as inspiration. Merging Brutalism and Mid-century Modernism, the structure features a sculpted bronze metal shell that contrasts its rugged landscape with a sleek, angular form. A skylight cuts the volume in two, allowing light to pour into the interior over a palette of travertine, delta wood, and sand-colored plaster influenced by the surrounding nature. Kelly finishes the project with her own Echo bench and Monolith side table, as well as notable pieces from Erik Olovsson, Willy Guhl, and Jan Ekselius. The furnishings live harmoniously alongside the centerpiece of the living space, the GMC HUMMER EV.