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Situated on a small clearing in Vilnius city county, the Cedar House revives a former homestead. The two volumes occupy the old building’s previous site and replicate its footprint, silhouette, and materials with a traditional form and cedar shingles. The storefront keeps a classic appearance, while the main residence features […]

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Built on a historic farm in Norway, the Invisible Villa is designed to go unnoticed. The structure is conceived as a residence and office space for the family’s new generation. Its rectangular volume is tucked into the natural topography of the site and topped with a green roof to neatly […]

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Surrounded by dramatic landscapes, the Littoral House balances the rural scenery with a modern form. The contemporary holiday home in Charlevoix reinterprets the area’s traditional farm buildings with an abstract alteration to the classic gabled silhouette, composed of two minimalist volumes stacked off-center. The base is clad in eastern white […]

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Just north of Whoville, Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Vacasa have collaborated on a one-of-a-kind stay. The pair have transformed a cave outside of Boulder into the Grinch’s Mount Crumpit lair. The 5,700-square-foot dwelling is sure to shrink your heart by at least two sizes with an organ to play bleak, […]

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Located in West Seattle, Studio Leitz functions as a serene workspace for photographer Aaron Leitz. The 400-square-foot structure is situated behind his home and houses a studio and office, along with an exercise space for Kelsi, a professional Pilates instructor. Neutral and natural, the palette is informed by an exterior […]

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Located on a rocky outcropping floating on the Hudson River, the Ledgerock House is a rare architectural masterpiece. The 15,000-square-foot estate is one of the few homes built before laws required residences to be built at lead 100 feet from the river, meaning it affords views like no other. Designed […]

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The team at Wallmakers has a knack for turning materials others see as waste into incredible structures. The Ledge House is an exquisite example. Integrated into a mountainside in India, the striking residence nearly becomes an extension of the natural landscape with a facade made from treated Casuarina poles. The […]

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Situated on Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County, the Ell House is a reflection of its rural surroundings. The dwelling echos the local vernacular with a pair of clean, gabled forms in an L-shaped layout. Its charred cedar cladding and black metal roof give the agrarian structure a minimalist aesthetic. […]

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Perched on the edge of an extinct volcano, the Casa Eterea blends harmoniously into its rugged surroundings. The cube-like retreat is designed and constructed by writer and designer Prashant Ashoka and features a glazed facade. The mirrored surface reflects the landscape on the exterior and welcomes natural light into the […]

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Sited on 140 acres in Northern Wisconsin, the Nordlys Cabins offer Pacific Northwest aesthetics in the rural Midwest. The property’s first retreat is the MetalLark Tower, a two-story cabin suspended in the treetops. Its glass, steel, and wood facade conceals 800-square-feet of living space for up to four guests and […]