J. Henry Maple Reserve Wisconsin Straight Bourbon

For over 75 years our family has grown superior corn, wheat, and rye on Henry Farms. I am privileged to now offer Maple Cask Reserve made from these same high-quality grains grown on our farm.

Our bourbons are made with exceptional ingredients of the highest quality. We implement time-honored, traditional production and maturation resulting in highly acclaimed, award-winning products. We honor tradition and respect innovation by experimenting with new techniques, inputs, and casks.

Our Maple Cask Reserve is the result of tradition and innovation. We aged pure maple syrup from the Northwoods of Wisconsin in our ex-bourbon barrels to impart that delicious maple flavor into the wood. Then we finished select barrels of bourbon in these maple bourbon casks, infusing the rich sweetness of pure Wisconsin maple syrup into our luxurious, Wisconsin bourbon whiskey.


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