Redemption Rye


Redemption Rye’s goal is to bring back the classic
American Rye cocktail. While the Federal law states that
a whiskey must be 51% rye grain to be classified as a rye
they chose to push our grain content to 95%. This not only
pushes the flavor forward it also magnifies the unique
profile of the rye grains.

Beautiful flavored rye spice with light floral and
citrus notes. Slight mint finish makes this great for
sipping or mixing in a classic cocktail. (Think Manhattan,
Old Fashioned and Sazerac). True rye flavor.


“This is burnished gold in color, with a sweet vanilla-almond aroma and bold, rounded flavors that suggest oak, vanilla and almond. The finish is slightly hot, with cinnamon and orange peel notes rounding it out. Made in Indiana, bottled in Kentucky. “

– Wine Enthusiast Magazine

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